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by Tarah Wheeler July 27th, 2023

This even has concluded. The recording is now available.

As the landscape of social media changes and fragments, communities have become scattered across networks which are no longer densely connected. This makes it more challenging to speak to those audiences which were once unified. On August 3rd at 11 AM Pacific, we are thrilled to host a thought-provoking webinar titled "Startup Hiring in the Post-Twitter World". This event, hosted on Microsoft Teams by Red Queen Dynamics CEO Tarah Wheeler and moderated by Jerry Bell, CISO of IBM Cloud, brings together two influential leaders: Mari Galloway, CEO of Women's Cyberjutsu, and Talya Parker, Executive Director of Black Girls in Cyber. Join us as we explore the significance of diversity, inclusion, and equitable hiring practices in shaping the future of startups.

Embracing Diversity: The Strengths & Challenges of a Post-Twitter World

The diaspora of social media after Twitter represents a diversity cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives — so what the heck has been happening as Twitter disintegrated? Is it actually harder to get job descriptions out to diverse candidates? Listen to Mari and Talya talk about the perceived drop in job descriptions making their way to underrepresented communities, and Tarah presenting some questions as well as actual early-stage startup job postings which often don't make their way to everyone who'd be a great fit. Startups that embrace diversity perform better, with enhanced creativity, better problem-solving capabilities, and increased adaptability. Our panel of experts will delve into the importance of building teams that celebrate differences and how doing so can foster innovation and drive business success.

Inclusive Hiring Strategies: Sharing Opportunities with Candidates from Underrepresented Groups

One of the primary challenges in this dynamic new social media reality is breaking down the barriers that hinder equal opportunities for all. During the webinar, Mari Galloway and Talya Parker will share insights into how startups can adopt inclusive hiring strategies that actively seek out and empower underrepresented talents. They will emphasize the need for companies to proactively reach out to diverse communities and provide them with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in the tech industry. 

Empowering Women in Cybersecurity: Insights from Mari Galloway

As the CEO of Women's Cyberjutsu, Mari Galloway has been a relentless advocate for increasing the representation of women in the cybersecurity field. In this webinar, she will shed light on the challenges faced by women in tech startups and offer actionable steps to foster an environment that supports their growth and advancement. We'll discuss the pros and cons of startup life for women — especially underrepresented women — along with things to consider, questions to ask prospective startups, and how to manage personal risk when making this sort of big jump. Her experiences and advice will not only benefit women aspiring to build a career in cybersecurity but also provide valuable insights for organizations seeking to attract and retain female talent.

Promoting Diversity in Cybersecurity: Talya Parker's Journey

Talya Parker, the Executive Director of Black Girls in Cyber, has been instrumental in driving diversity initiatives within the cybersecurity domain. Her organization aims to empower and mentor young black women interested in cybersecurity careers. During the webinar, Talya will share her personal journey and the lessons she has learned while advocating for diversity and inclusion in the tech world. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the actionable steps organizations can take to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for black professionals in the industry.

Expert Moderation by Jerry Bell

As the CISO of IBM Cloud, Jerry Bell brings extensive cybersecurity expertise to the webinar. His background in leading diverse teams and fostering an inclusive work culture makes him the perfect moderator for this discussion. With Jerry's guidance, the panelists' insights will be expertly curated, creating a dynamic and engaging discussion on the challenges and opportunities surrounding startup hiring in the social diaspora economy.

Sponsorship by Tarah Wheeler, CEO of Red Queen Dynamics, Inc

Red Queen Dynamics is a vibrant small startup actively hiring. Red Queen is focused on making cybersecurity more accessible to small and medium businesses, and on making those organizations security postures more legible and comprehensible to internal and external decision-makers. Red Queen's flagship Dynah security and compliance platform uses standardized questions, digestible snippets of security education content, and subtle nudges to help organizations of all sizes improve their cybersecurity with minimal overhead.


Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are essential elements for any startup that wishes to thrive in the social diaspora economy. Our webinar, "Startup Hiring in the Post-Twitter World", featuring Mari Galloway and Talya Parker, and hosted by Tarah Wheeler and Jerry Bell, promises to be a transformative event for startup founders, HR professionals, and anyone passionate about building a more inclusive future.

Mark your calendars for August 3rd at 11 AM Pacific and join us on Microsoft Teams for this eye-opening and inspiring discussion. Together, let's pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous future in the tech startup world. Register now to secure your spot and be a part of this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. See you there!

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