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Small Changes Make Big Differences

It's not just the perfect that's the enemy of the good, it's perfectionism. None of us get things right the first time — and that shouldn't be our goal. Spend a little effort right now to improve. Spend a little effort later to improve some more. Keep working on consistent, sustainable improvement.

That's what we're building with Dynah. Security is overwhelming and compliance can be exhausting. At Red Queen, we're all security & compliance specialists, and even we feel that overwhelming weight sometimes. Nothing is ever perfectly secure, and no compliance regime can capture every nuance.

We're building a world where you can make small steps at a sustainable pace. We do the work of untangling what the next most important step is. We have combined decades of experience so you don't have to. You know your business, and we want you to get back to it as soon as you can. We ask only what we need to work out the next improvement you can make with the best bang for your buck.

For most of your team, using Dynah means answering one question a week and reading a snippet of explanation. That's thirty seconds to a minute of work. We use that to make sure you're on track towards your goals, whether that's reducing your risk of ransomware, breezing through vendor assessments, or getting the best rates on cybersecurity insurance.

Incremental Improvements

The incremental improvement we've made this week was in billing. Our old process asked you to complete a Docusign contract and then send us a check. Now, we send out invoices through Stripe, which is less work for everyone. You can put in your payment info one time and you get monthly invoices in your email, or on our payment portal. We spend less time customizing templates and tracking down payments.

There's a lot more we can do with Stripe; it has a lot of bells and whistles. We're working hard to integrate billing within Dynah. We're excited to roll out those improvements over time. But for now, we're happy to take a quick win and keep working.

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