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Three Changes to Streamline Sign-In & Management

This week, we're celebrating improvements in the way you sign in to Dynah. Small changes individually, but together they make for a breath of fresh air in some common tasks.

Magic Links

We're all about making Dynah easier to use. When you're answering a question, we want it to be as quick and smooth as possible to get in and out. We're excited to ship magic sign-in links this week. Your reminder messages now have a link which automatically (perhaps even magically?) signs you in to Dynah.

We want to avoid any possible security risks with this smoother sign-in. A magic link only lets you answer questions on Dynah. To perform administrative tasks, you'll still need to authenticate with your regular credentials.

Account-Management Interface

The default Django interface for managing people's accounts on Dynah... leaves a lot to be desired? We heard your feedback loud and clear. Which is why we're thrilled to replace it with a new — and dare-we-say actually usable — way to add and manage people's accounts?

This one is a substantial change; it completely replaces the old interface. The new framework has clear labels and understandable actions. We think you'll love it.

Changing the TOTP reauthentication window

I know, I know. I can hear your eyes glazing over already at this sort of technical minutia. But what's the point in giving you a convenient magic link if we then make you juggle your phone for a 2FA code just to answer your question? Well, no longer. We're now using longer-lived sessions. One fewer barrier between your notification and being done with your Dynah question for the week. You're welcome.

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