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We make small business cybersecurity compliance easy for you, their managed service providers

We've created the only full SaaS cybersecurity platform for small & medium businesses. If you're a managed service provider with small business clients, we've taken the pain out of all those vendor checklists and cyber insurance checklists.

  • Your client employees answer one question a week in under a minute.
  • Help them attest their compliance with national frameworks such as NIST.

What our customers are saying

With Dynah, our team only has to answer one security question per week, which not only fits seamlessly into our busy work streams, but also allows us to address one internal control at a time as non-compliance flags are raised. Highly recommended!

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Mike Marotti


As the government ratchets up regulation in this space, you're going to have to have compliance to get new clients, or you might even lose clients you do have if you don't stay continuously compliant.

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James Bierly

CEO, Secure Point Solutions

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Turn unpredictable operational expenses into consistent recurring revenue

When your clients try to apply for cyber insurance or have to complete a vendor assessment, is that a fire drill demanding urgent one-off grunt work to get them across the line?

  • Turn compliance into a calm continuous process
  • Predictable revenue from an expert managed solution
  • Maximize the ratio of your effort to client outcomes
  • Low effort from your team translates to big wins for clients
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Retain clients with positive engagement & insights

Sometimes, clients can feel like they only hear from you when something goes wrong. We give you positive insights to share with clients — feedback on their progress towards their business goals and targeted insights about other services they may need.

  • Demonstrate value by connecting your services with their needs
  • Show clients that your security work supports their business outcomes
  • Shine a light on your expertise with targeted insights
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One minute or less per week for continuous compliance

Collecting compliance information from each of the people across all of the clients you serve is burdensome — and those spreadsheets are never up-to-date.

We ask the right people the right questions to understand each organization's cybersecurity posture. This makes cybersecurity somewhere you can build continuous low-stress improvement rather than a painful exercise in checking pointless boxes.

Illustration: two people come up with ideas and work together on solving problems.

Find areas for improvement across your client base

Discover where your clients are succeeding, and which areas of cybersecurity are common pain points.

  • Real-time compliance status
  • Unified security dashboards
  • Print-worthy point-in-time PDF reports
  • Enable your clients' revenue journeys instead of experiencing pressure when they need compliance handled fast - because it's already done
Illustration: someone looks at their phone, excited about their ability to stay safe with everything they're learning.

Integrated cybersecurity awareness training

Each question comes with a compact snippet of cybersecurity information to put the question in context and explain why this matters.

Bundle continuous assessment with demonstrable continuous education to help your clients make faster progress on their cybersecurity journeys.


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