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  • My end users aren’t very technical; they do other things like run restaurants and law firms and trucking companies. I don’t want to overburden them with a lot of tech. Is this delightful for them to use?
    We use magic links to make it much, much easier for nontechnical end users to simply boop a link to answer their question and learn a quick cyber fact in under a minute. When we switched from multifactor authentication and complex authorization processes over to magic links, we saw a huge uptick in happy responses. We focus on making Dynah delightfully easy to use. We’ll be the most pleasant compliance experience your clients and their users will ever have! :-)
  • I'm looking for a custom integration or a unique service agreement. Do you support that?
    We're happy to see what we can do to support your needs!
  • Where is my data stored?
    We use a combination of Amazon Web Services as well as a backup storage solution that contains your data solely within the continental United States of America. This means you do not have any cross-border data transfer compliance issues.
  • Can we write our own checklist/framework/process and have you serve it for us?
    Yes! Any organization can develop questions and processes that are unique. The reason we are able to deliver simple, clear compliance metrics to your small business customers is that we ensure questions are written in a compliance and universally-useful way. You can work with us to add questions that you'd like to have your users answer. Most of the time, we will already have a live question that will work, and you'll find many SMB clients already compliant with it, which saves you a massive amount of time. When you have a great question you want your clients to stay up to date with, but we don't already have it, we want to know what it is so we can add it for you!
  • My client wants their full checklist done yesterday. Can I pay you more for that?
    No. Respectfully, if you wanted to do their full checklist immediately, you'd have done it and charged your client the premium rate instead of coming to us for the continuously-compliant, long-term solution. What we do is ask several initial diagnostic and security framework questions initially for your clients' staff so that you have immediate insights into the major issues you need to know about to get them started. Get your clients started now on Red Queen, and each and every time they need vendor assessments, cyber insurance policy renewals or attestations, you and they will already be painlessly ready. There's no shortcut to real secure compliance, but we can make it painless over time for you, and that's our promise.
  • What is using Red Queen like for a Service Provider?
    We hope you'll think it's delightful. Here's our PDF download for a guide about what it will be like to use Red Queen for your customers and how best to deploy it.
  • How do I get my customers aboard?
    You “Add An Organization” in your client dashboard. Supply us with the email addresses of the end users (all the people in the small business you’re onboarding), and we’ll send them an email invitation to start using Dynah. You’ll get a Stripe invoice to begin paying for their monthly subscriptions, and that will be automated. You’ll receive a weekly email with the status of each of your client organizations, as well as access to our Dashboard which shows the status of all your client organizations at a glance.
  • What kind of documentation does Red Queen generate?
    We provide a printable PDF of multiple frameworks' self-attestation. This is like when you print off your profit-and-loss statement; you maintain it all the time, and whenever someone needs you to provide your current P&L, you send them a report.
  • What is using Red Queen like inside my business?
    If you're the admin for Red Queen inside your business, you'll have a view into your continuing compliance journey that we hope will delight and surprise you.
  • What is using Red Queen like for those of us answering questions each week?
    We hope this will be the least painful experience you have with cybersecurity compliance, and we always want feedback! Here's our Welcome PDF that gives you a bit more information; you don't have to read it because you'll be guided through questions automatically, but it might help to put it all in context.
  • Is there a wrong answer to a Red Queen question?
    Only dishonest answers are wrong! We have a way for you to explain any answer you make, and we try to make the most common answers easy to see. Just tell the truth and it helps keep everyone safer!
  • I don't have a managed service provider. Can I still use your continuous compliance platform?
    Yes, though if you do not have dedicated Governance, Risk, and Compliance as well as and internal information security organization in your company, we recommend that you find a managed service provider to work with. Think of us like QuickBooks; if you have a question on your taxes, you go ask your accountant, not QuickBooks technical support.
  • How do I change my payment method or make other adjustments to my subscription?
    We use Stripe to handle all of our billing and payments. Sign in to our Stripe billing portal to make any changes. Don't see the option you're looking for in the billing portal? Email us or reach out on Slack and we'll take care of it.
  • How many seats do I need?
    Dynah is for each person inside the small businesses that you serve. We offer volume discounts, and you should chat with us about them. This means we do not charge on a per-endpoint basis - if your client or company has 7 people and 32 devices, you should purchase 7 seats. People are the center of getting and staying securely compliant, and we count people, not machines.
  • Is any preferential pricing available?
    We can offer a 40% margin if you're a managed service provider with at least five client organizations you plan to bring on board within 30 days. There are volume discounts available when reaching milestones of numbers of users brought on board, and when all your clients are aboard Red Queen as well. For just a few dollars a month per person, you can have complete visibility across all your client organizations for compliance and cybersecurity needs and status.
  • What sort of payment methods do you support?
    We're able to accept any payment method available through Stripe. Some payment methods like international bank transfers take a little extra effort for us to enable. Let us know if you'd like to use a payment method you don't currently see on the checkout page and we'll do what we can to get it set up for you.
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