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Global Cyber Alliance

  • The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is a non-profit organization focused on eradicating cyber risk and improving internet security for individuals and organizations worldwide.

  • GCA was founded on the principle that collaboration, information sharing, and concrete actions are essential in addressing global cybersecurity challenges.

  • 3 Key Initiatives:

  • GCA's efforts center around three key initiatives: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), Quad9 DNS (a secure and private DNS resolution service), and Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business.

  • These initiatives aim to enhance email security, protect against malicious websites, and provide practical cybersecurity resources for small businesses.

  • Public-Private Partnerships:

  • GCA actively promotes public-private partnerships, engaging with governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations to create and implement effective cybersecurity solutions.

  • By fostering collaboration, GCA seeks to develop and share best practices that can be widely adopted to raise the overall cybersecurity posture globally.

  • Focus on Actionable Solutions:

  • GCA is known for its emphasis on delivering actionable and measurable cybersecurity solutions. The organization develops and provides free tools, resources, and frameworks that organizations of all sizes can implement to enhance their cybersecurity defenses.

  • The focus on practical, impactful measures aligns with GCA's mission of reducing cyber risk and improving resilience across the global digital landscape.

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