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Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at our cybersecurity office hours. This week, we're excited to talk about our goals and upcoming guests.

Introducing: Cybersecurity Office Hours

Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning to hear Tarah and Wendy Nather talk about the cybersecurity poverty line. We talked about the limits of the Small Business Administration's efforts here, how difficult it can be to predict cybersecurity spending, rational reasons to avoid investing in cybersecurity, some of the catch-22s which surround cybersecurity insurance for small & medium business, and new FTC regulations which will require breach reporting from a lot more organizations.

These office hours are intended as a way to bridge the communities Tarah spends her time in: hackers & security experts on the one hand, and the people who actually run IT & security for small and medium businesses on the other. The goal is to provide a venue where managed service providers can ask those nagging security questions and get answers from folks they might not normally have access too. Meanwhile, security specialists get to hear about the actuall challenges faced by smaller organizations which don't normally have the budget for their consulting services.

We see these sessions as literal office hours: a place you can bring your questions, make connections, and talk with specialists you don't usually cross paths with. Our focus is always on the Q&A — we spend most of the session responding to participant questions.

In addition to these regular conversations, Tarah sets aside time to talk with MSPs and others who secure small & medium business. If that's you — reach out directly at and book some time to talk about the security challenges you face — and get advice (and sympathy).

This isn't a sales pitch! We genuinely want to help. Sometimes the process of software development to help people at scale doesn't compare to the satisfaction giving one person a bunch of support over an afternoon.

Upcoming Guests

We have some great folks coming up through December. You can see the full announced schedule on the Red Queen siteon Linkedin, and on YouTube.

Tarah's Top Tips

Time for a new semi-regular segment on this almost weekly newsletter. In Tarah's Top Tips we give you one (1) weekly recommendation to improve your security posture. Think of it as a mini teaser of how easy security can be when you take it one concrete step at a time.

The great part about every singe one of these tips is that they can also help your team get to a better security place. And of course, if you use Dynah, these are things you'll be able to answer "Yes! Yay! Done!" on when you get the related questions.

Check the Settings on your phone to see if there's a software update waiting to be installed. If there is, wait until your next video call/meeting, and push the update button right then. There's basically no software update on a mobile phone that's going to take longer than 20 minutes anymore. By the time your call is over, you'll have an up-to-date device.

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